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A Simpler, Easier Way to Promote Regular, Healthy Bowel Movements

  • Supports optimal colon health
  • Promotes a healthy digestive tract
  • Eases bloating and discomfort

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“Ignore your colon, and you're practically inviting disaster to happen.” – Dr. Earl Mindell, R.PH, M.H, PH.D

Your colon is your natural barrier against sickness. And since it stores a whopping two-thirds of your immune cells – it represents a full 60% of our immune system – it’s vital you keep your colon clean and toxin-free...or suffer the deadly consequences! When your bowels aren’t functioning properly, your whole body is at risk for serious illness.

Don't let these problems (or far worse) happen to you!

When you're clogged up, feces can keep accumulating in your intestines, creating an even bigger blockage — kind of like an accident that turns into a 10-car pile up, and backs up traffic for miles.

Stools can't pass, so they sit and fester. This invites more bad bacteria to come in... gorge on the putrid waste... and multiply like crazy. Meanwhile, your bowels keep accumulating more and more rotting fecal matter behind the obstruction. As stools continue to build up, one of two things can happen (and both are really bad)...

The mass of toxic sludge starts backing up and begins oozing into your bloodstream. Your entire body reacts to this poisonous sludge. You may start to get sick from “winter bugs” more often. You experience rashes...itching… and even tired, worn out looking skin. Your allergies and respiratory problems get worse. You can't sleep. You may experience moodiness and a bleak mental outlook. Worst of all, you're more prone to contracting a serious illness. This is the main reason why so many Americans are filling up hospital beds!

The sludge builds up and starts expanding at a weak point, causing a "Fecal Impaction." Pressure builds until it ruptures, like the bursting of the Hoover Dam. Its putrid, poisonous contents flood into the abdomen, creating a medical emergency known as toxic megacolon. At this point, it's clearly 9-1-1 — go directly to the emergency room at your local hospital.

Regular, “Clockwork” Bowels Are Now Possible!

The key to experiencing optimal health is protecting your colon's defense system. And now it’s easier than ever thanks to a unique, probiotic powerhouse supplement – called BactiPlus – available exclusively from NutriCell Health!

BactiPlus contains 25 billion active good bacteria cells at the time of manufacturing. — more than twice what most other probiotic products have — and plenty enough to shore up your defense against sickness!

BactiPlus helps encourage optimal bowel function. Plus to make this formula even more powerful, we’ve added prebiotics – that act as food for probiotics – and help them to multiply faster!

5 Important Reasons You Need BactiPlus Now!

Reduce your risk of devastating health problems! Almost every age-related health issue is linked to a clogged colon. When your colon is clean, your body works more efficiently and you reduce your risk of respiratory problems... allergies... intestinal problems... joint pain and stiffness... skin issues... and much more. BactiPlus helps support optimal colon health by promoting healthy, daily bowel movements that eliminates accumulated waste in your system.

Alleviate the underlying cause of your digestive problems! This powerful probiotic formula helps flood your digestive system with good bacteria… which, in turn, helps disintegrates toxic, crusted fecal matter… and fights off constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowels, foul-smelling gas, and more digestive discomforts! Plus, you’ll help support your immune health... boost your energy levels… and even promote proper nutrient absorption from the foods you eat!

BactiPlus contains a unique probiotic and prebiotic blend! BactiPlus contains the proper balance of 5 powerful probiotic strains – PLUS up to 25 billion active probiotic cells! You also get a potent prebiotic blend to feed probiotics so they can do their job! These ingredients work synergistically to help shield every organ in your body and keep a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in both the small and large intestine – a must for anyone who wants to experience optimal health.

Safe, All-Natural, & VERY Effective! BactiPlus is safe, affordable and 100% natural. And it's guaranteed to work as quickly as 3 days or your money back!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I really need to clean my colon?

Yes! Your colon is your natural barrier against disease and sickness. And since it stores a whopping two-thirds of your immune cells, it’s vital you keep your colon clean and toxin-free – or suffer the deadly consequences!

2. Can BactiPlus help me lose weight?

Yes! A balanced digestive system means a flatter tummy. If you’ve got a bulging belly, you may have much as 15-lbs. of rotting waste in your intestines. Before all those germs and viruses make you sick, strike back. BactiPlus fights off the deadly invaders and helps to eliminate all those pounds of built-up gunk. You’ll see and feel the difference not in weeks, but in just days.

3. I’m already using a colon cleanse. Isn’t that enough?

Beware of ordinary colon cleanses on the market today – they may not do a darn thing for your colon. Most don’t go far enough, and others are completely worthless.

For example...

  • Your average colon cleanse works great for washing away fecal matter –- but doesn’t add any good bacteria to your digestive track. Result? The clogging starts right up again.
  • Ionic cleansing and detox foot pads are just fad and they do not work as advertised.
  • Herbal concoctions claim they detox through metabolic action -- but there are virtually no studies to back up their metabolic claims.

Say goodbye to “icky” concoctions! With BactiPlus, there’s nothing to gritty aftertaste. No mess. No fuss. Just take one easy-to-swallow capsule per day. It’s safe, gentle and effective.

4. What makes BactiPlus better than any other product on the market?

BactiPlus is a unique super-probiotic powerhouse. It actually feeds your digestive tract up to an incredible 25-billion carefully selected good flora (or “friendly bacteria”). Plus to make it even more powerful, we have added prebiotics that allow the probiotics to multiply faster. That’s remarkably more powerful than virtually any ordinary probiotic on the market.

5. For best results, how long should I use BactiPlus?

BactiPlus is formulated for long-term use in order to support a healthy digestive tract and immune system. Add BactiPlus to your daily supplement regimen for best results.

Note: All Research provided on ingredients of third party articles, studies, information & Links on ingredients are provided for user convenience and for educational purposes only. Information from these links or from this site should not be construed as medical advice, (only your Medical Doctor can advise you on health matters). Clinical studies on ingredient are not intended to be claims that any of the products provide a cure, benefit or a solution for any health problem. All supplements are intended to support the normal healthy functioning of the body. Testimonials are provides for information purposes only and do not reflect the average users experiences.

“In my professional opinion, everyone should be taking a balance of prebiotics and probiotics, and BactiPlus is by far the best on the market.” – Dr. Philippe Moser

Dr. Philippe Moser is a clinician, researcher, world traveler, entrepreneur, and author with a hard-earned reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing. Dr. Moser is a pharmacist and world renowned researcher in natural medicine. He began his career in France in 1973 and has since studied immunology, herbology, micro-nutrition and homeopathy.


You get a potent fusion of ingredients supported by studies from:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Mayo Clinic
  • John Hopkins Medicine
  • Yale University - School of Medicine

3 Powerful Reasons Why Probiotics Alone Are NOT the Answer to Your Digestion Problems.

1. Most probiotics don’t contain enough good flora: Don’t get fooled by those TV ads. Don’t be sucked in by the empty claims of yogurt makers.

Most probiotics on the market have perhaps 5 billion good flora cells. Sounds like a lot, right? It’s not even close!

According to the independent Euromonitor International who polled 8 leading probiotics authorities, a minimum of 20 billion cells are required in order to be classified as a therapeutic dose. In other words, anything less than 20 billion just won’t re-establish the good bacteria in your intestines.

BactiPlus releases up to 25 billion* cells of “good bacteria” at time of manufacture to promote a healthy colon and digestive tract.

2. Most probiotics don’t have the right strains. Unlike other probiotics that are all just slapped together, BactiPlus uses 5 key strains to work synergistically for the proper, healthy balance in both your small and large intestines, including Bifidobacterium Bifidum that destroy crusted fecal matter....and Lactobacillus Plantarum that helps block out deadly E.coli. Due to our unique manufacturing process, the beneficial flora stay stable and consistent for 12 months!

3. Most probiotics do not have the prebiotics added to their formulas. Why is it important? Prebiotics provide molecules that the probiotics thrive on. In other words: more prebiotics = more and longer lasting probiotics.

*25 billion viable organisms at time of manufacturing. Storage and handling conditions may vary, and may affect the total amount of cultures delivered at consumption.

Probiotic research:


Probiotics -- the "good" bacteria found in fermented foods like yogurt -- could do the bones some good, according to a new study in mice.

While the findings have yet to be replicated in humans, Michigan State University researchers said they are hopeful their finding that probiotics seems to improve bone density could have implications for future osteoporosis medications -- especially since some current drugs come with less-than-desired side effects.

"We know that inflammation in the gut can cause bone loss, though it's unclear exactly why," study researcher Laura McCabe, a professor at Michigan State University, said in a statement. "The neat thing we found is that a probiotic can enhance bone density."

The study, published in the Journal of Cellular Physiology, involved feeding mice an inflammation-reducing probiotic called Lactobacillus reuteri for four weeks. Researchers found that male mice experienced a boost in bone density after being fed the probiotics, though female mice didn't experience this same benefit.

Probiotics are known to be good for digestion and aiding in some gastrointestinal conditions, the Mayo Clinic noted, but emerging research shows it could be have uses beyond the gut, too. A small study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association showed that taking two daily doses of a specific kind of probiotic (Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242) seems to lower levels of total and "bad" cholesterol in people. And a review of studies, published in The Cochrane Library in 2011, showed that probiotics seem to have an effect against upper respiratory tract infections.


BactiPlus Contains Five Super-Strains of Probiotics Plus Two Prebiotics to Help Keep Your Body Humming Like A Well Oiled Machine.

  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus (small intestine) – that helps maintain your immune health… promote healthy digestion… and helps support healthy cholesterol levels...all while inhibiting the growth of 23 health-destroying pathogens.
  2. Bifidobacterium bifidum (large intestine) – helps eliminate old fecal matter, protects against the formation of liver, colon and mammary gland cellular maladies and helps fight allergies.
  3. Lactobacillus plantarum (small intestine) – helps destroy bad bacteria, including deadly e. coli. This super strain is so vital to your health that most surgeons will not perform colonoscopies without using it.
  4. Bifidobacterium lactis (large intestine) – supports our resistance to harmful microbes, reduces inflammation, and maintains your body’s own immune cells.
  5. Bifidobacterium breve – ferments sugars and produces lactic and acetic acids, superior ability to break down many types of food including plant fibers.
  6. Inulin and Oligofructose – many studies have linked these prebiotics to improved digestive health, function and immunity.
*The descriptions of these ingredients is no substitution for medical advice and you always should check with your doctor before you start any supplement program.

Customer Reviews

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Ben P.

I'm now feeling great!
I am a 52 year old man who has fought gas, bloating, and constipation for over 40 years. This was due to massive doses of iron and antibiotics as a child and teenager. I tried probiotics in the past and spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of products. Nothing worked UNTIL I tried your BactiPlus. My gas and bloating are almost gone. I now know that you need up to 25 billion good bacteria to make a probiotic effective. The stuff I was taking before had way less. Anyway, I'm now feeling great with much more energy and I owe it to your great product. (Posted on 1/10/14)

Neal and Sue K.

BactiPlus Does The Trick!
We both take BactiPlus and it stopped our acid reflux issues almost immediately. In addition, it improved my wife's bloating
issues and greatly improved my digestive system. We are both EMT's and you would have thought we would have heard about probiotics sooner. I mentioned my reflux issue to a co-worker, and he told me about BactiPlus. Little did I know that yogurt only gives you a tiny fraction of the "good" bacteria you need to keep yourself healthy. Plus, most probiotics on the market do not contain the prebiotics that stimulate more probiotic growth! BactiPlus does the trick for both of us. (Posted on 1/10/14)

Julie S.

Why didn't someone tell me about this stuff?
I am a 47 year old female with Crohn's Disease since I was 28. Over the years, I've used many prescription medications and I've had a bowel resection in 1999. All the medicines and treatments seemed to have given me short term relief. About 1 year ago, I started using your BactiPlus formula. I have experienced much relief since using this product. I informed my Gastroenterologist that I've been using this and he said "ok". Using a probiotic was never mentioned to me by any of my Physicians. I found out about this product from a Nutritionist friend of mine. A few weeks ago I had my yearly colonoscopy and was told that my disease is "not" progressing since last years colonoscopy. Why didn't somebody tell me about this stuff before? Thanks BactiPlus! (Posted on 1/10/14)


I feel Great!
I started using BactiPlus a few months ago. I feel fantastic not only and I more "regular" every morning NOW :) but I also have less indigestion! (Posted on 1/9/14)

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